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Sega’s Sinking Ship…

Are there any good, in-depth interviews or reports about the downfall of Sega in the late 90s? I love Nintendo and all, but I think the story of all the inner turmoil, stubborn leaders, miscommunication, and great artists that was Sega as the company fall from grace must be very intriguing. It all fell apart as the Genesis became some sort of Frankenstein with all the add-ons, then there was the rushed launch of the Sega Saturn, followed by the piracy issues that quickly plagued the Dreamcast.

I would love to know more about all that history, especially how it looked from Sega of Japan’s view (I got a good portion of the Sega of America side from various VG history books).

When I learn some more and find an angle on this topic I definitely hope to write about it. Also, if you are interested, let me hear your own stories of this time (circa 1994-2002) in Sega history as a Sega fan and consumer.