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Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s: Gambling On Some Pokemon Eggs

Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s is the place for all my Pokemon related thoughts as we build up to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y this October.


I wouldn’t call breeding Pokemon ‘difficult’ per se. I didn’t get a game over from the deadly trials of riding my bicycle back and forth for absurd amounts of time. A better way to describe it (besides time consuming) is ‘frustratingly random’.

If there is one thing I hate in video games, it’s randomness. If I don’t have a certain degree of repeatable control over my environment, then it is not a game, it’s just gambling. Sorry, but if I gamble, I use money.

When random fluctuations are a core mechanic of what I am trying to do, I can easily go into a blind rage. Try after try only proves that cosmic forces are against me every time it takes more than the average amount of time for me to accomplish a task.

Let’s say that the Pokemon daycare gives up an egg an average of 1/5 for every 200 steps taken. some simple (incorrect) math would say that I should get an egg after 1000 steps. 5000 steps after that, then I get an egg.

Indignant rage right there.

The game was artificially lengthened basically because I was rolling a die with every pedal of my bike, betting on the chance that an egg would show up.

Of course this random theme is present throughout every other aspect of Pokemon, but in most cases seem justified. Rare Pokemon are rare based on the frequency they appear and their capture rate. Stats are varied due to the randomness of IV distribution for Pokemon.

There is no reason for the eggs not just popping out in regular intervals. These Pokemon, MY Pokemon are getting it on, now give me a damn egg you old man!

Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s: Let’s Talk Sylveon

Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s is the place for all my Pokemon related thoughts as we build up to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y this October.


Sylveon yo, the first update to the Eevee branch since Gen IV. 

Could you imagine Nintendo revealing every Pokemon a day at a time until launch? Man that shit would be cray. 

Let us focus on this dude, chick, thing right now though. It’s only obvious that we consider this first reveal to be deliberate. Some sort of clue as to the future direction of the Pokemon series.

Let’s break down the clues. This is an Eevee evolution, which means  that it will not be the same type as the other evolved forms. Rumor has spread that this will be a brand new Pokemon type, but I don’t think Nintendo would drop that sort of news in this way. 

I am placing my chips on this Sylveon to be a normal type based on its color palette (although judging Pokemon based on their color seems to have stopped being useful long ago.) Because of that, I got a few other notes up my sleeve to help me prop up this bet. 

Consider that new ‘eeveelutions’ come in pairs. In the first pairing we had dark Umbreon wailing on the psychic Espeon. Two generations later we get a Glaceon ice beaming Leafeon into the Pokemon Center emergency room.

So here we are, another two generations later and have one of what is very likely a pair of evolved eevees (eeveses, eevi? Writing about Pokemon is bullshit sometimes, oh man). So the other evolution has to be weak, or strong against this normal Sylveon. That means it is between fighting or ghost type.

I think we can all agree that Sylveon’s counterpart should be a ghost type. The dark styling of ghost types would also give it the sharpest contrast with the brightly colored, bow riddled Sylveon. 

We could also consider how it would evolve. Unfortunately eevee evolve in various ways, from friendship to stones to mossy rocks. I will put a 50/50 bet that however it may evolve, it will have something to do with whether the eevee is male or female. The reason I am iffy on this bet is because I don’t know how deep the X and Y in Pokemon X and Y is actually related to x and y chromosomes (as many fans have suggested). 

I’m willing to put some money down on the following. Sylveon is normal type. Other eevee evolution will be a ghost type. It will be called, I don’t know, fuckin’ Spookeon or something.

Take that to the bank son!

Crossing the X’s and dotting the Y’s: Pokemon World Tournament

Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s is the place for all my Pokemon related thoughts as we build up to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y this October.


First, a missive. Please Nintendo, do not release Pokemon X nor Pokemon Y until you remember to add the PWT. 

As developers move to new platforms, their first game releases are more experimental and haphazard. This should be expected and embraced as developers test new ideas and gameplay mechanics. The problem is actually with Pokemon Black & White Version 2 (man I hate writing that entire name). Pokemon White 2 (henceforth called) being the pinnacle of Pokemon productivity that it is, I fear that Pokemon X and Y will be bound to take a step back in many respects. 

Things like moving slower, poor menu design, or fights taking longer to load is all fine and whatever. Not the sort of thing that makes me stop playing Pokemon. The game is already slow, I can play it slower. The fear is the need to cut all the things that made Pokemon White 2 so addictive. Specifically to this article the Pokemon World Tournament.

Online is way broken as far as I have come to understand it (I am always up for some legit battles, friend code me a message playa) and I don’t exactly have a gang of pokemaniacs nearby to battle with all day, so the PWT has been my best link to the much more competitive aspects of gaming. Nostalgically battling so many bosses from classic games is too good of an idea to ever let go of again. Especially as the game shifts into 3D, I think fans will be excited to see 3D callbacks to the long lineage of pixelated handheld Pokemon that came before it. 

The gaming aspect is by far the greatest reason to bring it back of course. I learned a lot more about the nuance of Pokemon battle than I ever learned brute forcing my way towards “catching ‘em all”. Proficiency of players is never a bad thing As the skill level and knowledge base increase, perhaps the competitive side of Pokemon will grow as well. 

I confess that I have not the chess-like mind needed to win a Pokemon tournament but I’ll be honest, if they streamed Pokemon tournaments online with commentators like EVO does for fighting games, I would watch that shit ALL DAY. I would also want to be one of the commentators.

Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s part three: Shiny Pokemon


Recently I have been on the hunt for some shiny Pokemon.

It’s bullshit.

There is no other way to put it.

This hunt has continued since I returned to the land of Pokemon back in the DPP (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum for the uninitiated) days. Never ran across any shinies in the hundreds of hours on that game. Same goes for White 1. Hundreds of hours, never saw a shiny anything anywhere. Now I have gone so far as to hit 999:59 hours on White Version 2 and still nothing!

So I am working the “Masuda Method” and even got the shiny charm, but my odds are still piddlingly low and after a few days of egg hatching, still nothing. The repetitive but worthwhile nature of Pokemon has become bleak and never ending, and still repetitive.

I get the idea, shiny Pokemon are rare, but this is really a bit much. I put my hours in dammit, and I want my shiny Magnemite!

On a slightly related note, I wish Pokemon names allowed for much more characters, so that shiny magnemite could one day be known as “Bite My Shiny Metal Ass”

Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s part two


So this Pokemon thing is pretty crazy right? I want to expand on the idea of TOO MANY POKEMON! 

I argue that there are not nearly enough Pokemon! The issue is how incredibly difficult it is to get so many of them now. I have never seen such fervor for people to go back and play all the previous games they didn’t originally play. 

“Man, this game is good, but I want to go back and play a previous, more cumbersome version of this game just to catch one Pokemon character out of a possible one hundred/two hundred/six hundred possible Pokemon.”

If the goal is to collect them all, that is a noble goal, but even with a network of pokemaniac friends it can still be nearly impossible to catch many of them, or even see all of them.

As someone who has recently “caught them all” (in Pokemon White Version 2 for the Nintendo DS) I can say that finding them all was beyond ridiculous. Even now I don’t still have them caught, because my friends wanted them back. I guess it is more reasonable to say I have “held them all, for a small, non consecutive amount of time.”

Basically, I want to own my own Moltres again! This shouldn’t be such an unfair request. SIGH.

So in conclusion, make as many Pokemon as your GAME FREAK heart desires, just LET ME CATCH AND TRAIN THEM TO FIGHT ALSO!

Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s part one.

So I need to say some quick notes about the upcoming Pokemon while it is so fresh on my mind.

  • So Black and White 2 now appeared to be a last minute DS moneygrab by Nintendo, EXCEPT that the game was so well streamlined, and so many post storyline extras that this moneygrab is likely my favorite DS Pokemon title.
  • The age old debate. How many Pokemon is too many Pokemon?
  • Multiplayer battles need, NEED, to let you select battle stages for fights. There were so many great backgrounds that only appear once in B&W2 that looked pretty epic. Basically Pokemon battles need to be more like fighting games.
  • Now make a new Pokemon Pinball!