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A Small Realization about Final Fantasy


It has become tough to remember a time when I would have listed the Final Fantasy series at the top, alongside some of my favorite games.

I think it has more to do with me than anything Square-Enix did (and they did a lot) to drive me away as a die hard fan from the burgeoning polygonal heyday of Squaresoft.

I just don’t game at the efficiency I used to. I could skip homework to play FFVII for a dozens of dozens of hours, but I can’t skip actual work to drop the hundreds of hours necessary to completing the latest foray into mainline Final Fantasy (and its mainline spinoffs, damn Square-Enix for even making that a thing). 

I like chunks of riveting, and dare I say, novel gameplay experiences. It has been a long time since “Over 70 hours of gameplay!” was a reason to buy a game for me. 

As for what Final Fantasy did, how about got caught up in over-budget terrible-writing fests for a few years. Going Bankrupt. Needlessly pandering to fans while letting their in house artists fly into outerspace with ridiculous design choices and not letting someone competent handle those translations properly.

Wait a minute. This has happened over the entire history of Final Fantasy!

You know what Square, keep doing what you’re doing.

Maybe us generations of FF fans ain’t so different after all.

(Final Fantasy periodic table image by Rafi)

Please send more NBA Jam


I have a problem. I can get a modded Tecmo Bowl for football, or a pot smoke filled revision of Mario Kart, but can’t get me no hacked version of any iteration of classic NBA JAM with updated NBA teams?

Listen here EA, if you make a new NBA Jam (and charge only $15 for it again) and I will buy it day one, just like the last one on PSN. Until then, gamers have to take things into their own hands.

Unfortunately they didn’t already do that, but I hope some enterprising video game hacker can hear the silent sorrow of what NBA fans that don’t play sports games must go through every season that NBA Jam rosters becomes more and more obsolete despite the long lasting arcade fun of NBA Jam in any era..

Imagine that, EA, once the greatest game company on earth and universally derided for their gluttony of yearly sequels won’t release a yearly sequel for something! They are also not the largest game company any longer. Coincidence? Yes, but I still want a new NBA Jam.

(image from this awesome video Go Clippers!)