My name is Anthony Ruybalid, I write creatively in the sci-fi and fantasy genres, all tinged with a hint of comedy. I also write for various sites as a journalist and editorialist about video games, video game music, and video game culture.

I began blogging in 2006 for my website Game Music 4 All about video game music and the VGM community. The site is still active today and garners hundreds of views per day for both the latest video game music news as well as an archived reference source. Through my work on Game Music 4 All I have organized many gaming events and concerts around Los Angeles, CA. Game Music 4 All has also published compilations and albums featuring amazing, video game influenced, underground musical talent.

While maintaining my own website, I have also continued to write about video games on my personal blog Seven out of Ten as well as writing fictional short stories (and one full length novel Dead Heat) which you can see on my Scribd writing page.

Today I seek to continue my passion for writing, as well as game design by continuing to write creative fiction, non-fiction articles, and, of course, writing for video games of all styles, genres, and budgets.

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