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A Small Realization about Final Fantasy


It has become tough to remember a time when I would have listed the Final Fantasy series at the top, alongside some of my favorite games.

I think it has more to do with me than anything Square-Enix did (and they did a lot) to drive me away as a die hard fan from the burgeoning polygonal heyday of Squaresoft.

I just don’t game at the efficiency I used to. I could skip homework to play FFVII for a dozens of dozens of hours, but I can’t skip actual work to drop the hundreds of hours necessary to completing the latest foray into mainline Final Fantasy (and its mainline spinoffs, damn Square-Enix for even making that a thing). 

I like chunks of riveting, and dare I say, novel gameplay experiences. It has been a long time since “Over 70 hours of gameplay!” was a reason to buy a game for me. 

As for what Final Fantasy did, how about got caught up in over-budget terrible-writing fests for a few years. Going Bankrupt. Needlessly pandering to fans while letting their in house artists fly into outerspace with ridiculous design choices and not letting someone competent handle those translations properly.

Wait a minute. This has happened over the entire history of Final Fantasy!

You know what Square, keep doing what you’re doing.

Maybe us generations of FF fans ain’t so different after all.

(Final Fantasy periodic table image by Rafi)

A minute for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

Well, a minute to write about it at least. In many hours with the game, I have earned 40K of Rhythmia, got six characters maxed out at level 99, and just listened to who knows how many Final Fantasy songs (especially Somnus). The game is definitely amazing.

Beyond that though, it has reminded me that, hey! I know I haven’t played an entry since FFIX, but wow, I used to really love Final Fantasy!

Not even a year ago I was sick and tired of hearing FF remixes, orchestrations, arrangements, or OSTs or anything. It felt so overdone. It must have been my general weariness with Final Fantasy itself that seeped into my disdain for the music. Either way, I have now listened to a ton of FF music, and am pining for the good old days when I truly, wholeheartedly anticipated a new Final Fantasy title.

Theatrhythm has perfectly captured me in a fit of nostalgia, and I want more. Theatrhythm: Chrono Trigger? A specific title like Theatrhythm: FFVII? THEATRHYTHM: MARIO RPG!?!? Or, how about forget the nostalgia, and make a completely brand new RPG based on the mechanics of Theatrhythm?

I’m not sure what Square-Enix should do next, now that they have re-entangled me in Final Fantasy, RPGs, and amazing RPG soundtracks once again, but my mind is now boiling over with ideas…