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Rhythm Heaven Fever on Earth


Will someone please use all the amazing beats and rhythms from this game and rap over them, mash ‘em up, funk them out. This series, and especially this iteration deserve way more musical attention than it has gotten.

The world of original music in rhythm games was over before it even began. Parappa, Um Jammer, Gitaroo, all niche titles due to their funky art style and oddball original music. Of course those were also the reasons they were so amazing.

After Guitar Hero and Rock Band saw the light of day, this niche genre exploded. Those games were fun, but original they were not, especially when compared to the artsy freewheeling associated with the creation of Parappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man. Nintendo SPD continues on in the same vein. the SPD devs have been working the OG rhythm game genre for years now, but Rhythm Heaven Fever was the teams big console break.

Sadly the Wii was already on the way out, and the already hard to place style of Rhythm Heaven Fever went largely unnoticed, likely more than if it found it’s way into the Wii line-up circa 07-09. This is unfortunate because if anyone can breathe some life into this style of rhythm game play, it is Nintendo. 

They could probably do so very easily by simply making some kind of Rhythm Heaven Super Mario with remixed songs and such, which would be awesome considering the zaniness of the Nintendo SPD developers. I would love to see Nintendo SPD cobble together a wacky parody Super Mario musical adventure. Well that idea is both awesome, and money in the bag for Nintendo, I still have to say that I would much prefer wacky originality over wacky re-imaginings as far as rhythm games are concerned. 

Slice it from any angle, and I want to do more rhythmic tapping of the A button along with pea stabbing forks, golf playing baboons and racquetball batting cats and dogs. Truly, this is what we should all want.

Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s part three: Shiny Pokemon


Recently I have been on the hunt for some shiny Pokemon.

It’s bullshit.

There is no other way to put it.

This hunt has continued since I returned to the land of Pokemon back in the DPP (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum for the uninitiated) days. Never ran across any shinies in the hundreds of hours on that game. Same goes for White 1. Hundreds of hours, never saw a shiny anything anywhere. Now I have gone so far as to hit 999:59 hours on White Version 2 and still nothing!

So I am working the “Masuda Method” and even got the shiny charm, but my odds are still piddlingly low and after a few days of egg hatching, still nothing. The repetitive but worthwhile nature of Pokemon has become bleak and never ending, and still repetitive.

I get the idea, shiny Pokemon are rare, but this is really a bit much. I put my hours in dammit, and I want my shiny Magnemite!

On a slightly related note, I wish Pokemon names allowed for much more characters, so that shiny magnemite could one day be known as “Bite My Shiny Metal Ass”

Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s part one.

So I need to say some quick notes about the upcoming Pokemon while it is so fresh on my mind.

  • So Black and White 2 now appeared to be a last minute DS moneygrab by Nintendo, EXCEPT that the game was so well streamlined, and so many post storyline extras that this moneygrab is likely my favorite DS Pokemon title.
  • The age old debate. How many Pokemon is too many Pokemon?
  • Multiplayer battles need, NEED, to let you select battle stages for fights. There were so many great backgrounds that only appear once in B&W2 that looked pretty epic. Basically Pokemon battles need to be more like fighting games.
  • Now make a new Pokemon Pinball!

A minute for Puyo Pop Fever / Puyo Puyo Fever

I am working on another article, a bit related to Puyo, but before that I have to pay tribute to Puyo Pop Fever specifically. It came out on the DS very early on in the portables lifespan. It was definitely one of my most played games throughout the DS lifespan (I even played it on my 3DS a few times). I even imported Puyo Puyo Fever 2, and 15th Anniversary.

Among other things, like the game being great, this game felt like the final refuge of the colorful, over the top dreamcast era of game design from Sega.

Soon after this game was released, Sega would go on to have humans kissing hedgehogs and all hell breaking loose on Earth. I think that is what happened.