Feature article on Game N Train – Memoreview: Bosconian, The Forgotten Shooter



Another classic video game review. Check out my latest feature, Memoreview: Bosconian, The Forgotten Shooter. I had a lot of fun writing this article, and think it came across in the review. Bosconian is pretty fun too.

Game Music 4 All full site redesign

It’s been nearly five years since a website I run, gamemusic4all.com, has seen a cosmetic change. Back then it would have been impossible to predict what path the site would be going down all these years later. Now, the latest cover art from a weekly featured artist graces the page in it’s full glory, simple […]

Feature article on Game N Train – The history of Kirby’s Adventure and music of Jun Ishikawa & xoc


I’ve got a new “Press A to Listen” feature article over on gamentrain.com today! Press A to Start is a monthly series providing a quick course in the history, music, and influence of classic games. This month, read up on the history of NES classic Kirby’s Adventure while enjoying the music of Jun Ishikawa (composer for Kirby games) and talented multi-instrumentalist Xoc!

Feature article on Game N Train – Memoreview: A Look At Classic Arcade Game ‘BurgerTime’


My latest Memoreview is up. You will laugh. You will learn. Take a trip back with me into the annals of arcade history for my review of BurgerTime for the Arcade and NES.

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Feature article on Game N Train – Press A To Listen: The Bad Dudes of Chrono Trigger



The first in my monthly music series, Press ‘A’ to Listen, for gamentrain.com, is now live! Read up on the history and lasting influence of Chrono Trigger and Yasunori Mitsuda (composer for Chrono Trigger). I also take a look at the artists in the Bad Dudes Music collective, who were directly influenced by the game in their creation of the 2009 album Chronotorious.

Give the article a read, and tell me what you think. If you have suggestions for future game music or artists I should cover, definitely let me know!

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Feature Article on Game N Train – Memoreview: A nostalgic retro review of Top Gear Rally for the Nintendo 64

My first humor feature is now live on Game N Train. It’s the first in my Memoreview series.

Read Memoreview: A look back at the forgotten N64 classic Top Gear Rally

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Guest Feature for 1 More Castle – Reboot This: Primal Rage

1MC_PrimalRageI’ve had the idea for this article in my mind for a long time, so I’m really excited to find a home for this article. In my guest feature for 1 More Castle, Reboot This: Primal Rage, I take a humorous look at why I hope game developers are far from done rebooting retro fighting game series.

Give it a read, and be sure to leave a comment over there about what you think and what types of games you would want to see make a return in the next generation of gaming.

First article on Game N Train


Head over to Game N Train now to check out my first news post! Comment on the post and like/plus/tweet it, etc!


Always Looking For New Opportunities

I have recently become part of some great opportunities in both the fields of game writing as well as journalistic writing that I am so passionate about. Unfortunately I can’t reveal much yet, but by the end of this month I hope to be able to show off some of the work I have been up to.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m not open to more work. As always, feel free to contact me, and perhaps I can help on your upcoming project or website as well!

*Image from Capcom’s Streets of Rage for SNES, no reason why.

Power Up Review: Fire Flower


Got that fire flower, spit that fire power. Unlike the defensive capabilities of the mushroom, or the platforming safety of a cape/tail, this item is all about offense. 

I love the fire flower, it is the haven for platform jumpers living on the edge. I have had some great times with other items, but the fire flower has always been there when I needed it most. Platform after platform, goomba after goomba, the fire flower has allowed me to put the kibosh on near any enemy trying to step to this. Once Super Mario World arrived, that fire power created a wealth of coins as enemies burnt before my very eyes. 

Though I hold the fire flower in high regard, the fact remains the its heyday has come to an end ever since the costume wearing innovation of SMB3. Despite being overshadowed by many amazing power ups throughout mario, the noble fire flower continues to have a place in most Mario adventures, and remains a stalwart ally on the offensive end. Even if you fall like a brick rather than float gently onto the next ledge.

A reliable effort, and job well done. B+