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Guest Feature for 1 More Castle – Reboot This: Primal Rage

1MC_PrimalRageI’ve had the idea for this article in my mind for a long time, so I’m really excited to find a home for this article. In my guest feature for 1 More Castle, Reboot This: Primal Rage, I take a humorous look at why I hope game developers are far from done rebooting retro fighting game series.

Give it a read, and be sure to leave a comment over there about what you think and what types of games you would want to see make a return in the next generation of gaming.

The injustice of waiting for Injustice


Man this fighting game renaissance is just so amazing. I had completely forgotten how great fighting games are for a couple years, then SFIV starts this big fighting game rebirth we are seeing here and I could not be happier. 

But we have now hit a lull that I fear may be the tail end of this grand time. It has been several months since Persona 4 Arena came out (and what a glorious time that was) and still months before the release of Injustice. I haven’t heard anything about the next iteration of BlazBlue, and those rumors of another Guilty Gear are always floating around. 


My fancy for video games waxes and wanes like the moon. I could be getting off on platformers for a month, when suddenly, I don’t want to jump over anything. Instead I feel like looking at stats, loads of boring stats and menus and options and words and bad storytelling. Yes, it has become RPG time! I’ll get my kicks in some eighty hour quest, but then I won’t even seen the end of my lengthy journey because boring! I want to solve puzzles now, or just go really fast. 

Right now, my attention just turned from RPGs (Paper Mario Sticker Star, which rules!) to having an unyielding thirst to kick someone’s ass one on one in whatever fighting tournament is being held by whatever magical force or evil corporation. Just let me punch someone, and then kick them, then maybe a projectile…