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Power Up Review: Fire Flower


Got that fire flower, spit that fire power. Unlike the defensive capabilities of the mushroom, or the platforming safety of a cape/tail, this item is all about offense. 

I love the fire flower, it is the haven for platform jumpers living on the edge. I have had some great times with other items, but the fire flower has always been there when I needed it most. Platform after platform, goomba after goomba, the fire flower has allowed me to put the kibosh on near any enemy trying to step to this. Once Super Mario World arrived, that fire power created a wealth of coins as enemies burnt before my very eyes. 

Though I hold the fire flower in high regard, the fact remains the its heyday has come to an end ever since the costume wearing innovation of SMB3. Despite being overshadowed by many amazing power ups throughout mario, the noble fire flower continues to have a place in most Mario adventures, and remains a stalwart ally on the offensive end. Even if you fall like a brick rather than float gently onto the next ledge.

A reliable effort, and job well done. B+

Want a sneak preview of my upcoming Zelda Link to the Past story?


Just shoot me a reply, message, or whatever and let me know. I’ll shoot you a link to the first two chapters! (yes it is multiple chapters).

Looking for feedback from those who have or have not played the game.


Please send more NBA Jam


I have a problem. I can get a modded Tecmo Bowl for football, or a pot smoke filled revision of Mario Kart, but can’t get me no hacked version of any iteration of classic NBA JAM with updated NBA teams?

Listen here EA, if you make a new NBA Jam (and charge only $15 for it again) and I will buy it day one, just like the last one on PSN. Until then, gamers have to take things into their own hands.

Unfortunately they didn’t already do that, but I hope some enterprising video game hacker can hear the silent sorrow of what NBA fans that don’t play sports games must go through every season that NBA Jam rosters becomes more and more obsolete despite the long lasting arcade fun of NBA Jam in any era..

Imagine that, EA, once the greatest game company on earth and universally derided for their gluttony of yearly sequels won’t release a yearly sequel for something! They are also not the largest game company any longer. Coincidence? Yes, but I still want a new NBA Jam.

(image from this awesome video Go Clippers!)

A minute for a cutscene from Tales of Phantasia

gabi-hime said: Yeah, I can think of games with important snow landscapes and plot events, but not a lot of games that are just snow and winter all the time.

There are likely a few memorable scenes like that in all the games I have played, but one comes readily to mind. A small moment in between saving the world in Tales of Phantasia. While resting up in a northern, snow covered inn, instead of just immediately resting for the night, then scene change to waking up, an entire cut scene takes place.

I was lucky enough to find the scene from the GBA version (I originally played the fan translated SNES version, but a hard drive crash kept me from finishing the game. I eventually did get the chance to finish the re-released GBA version).

It’s not the greatest scene ever, but damn good for SNES era, and came at a pretty hefty time in the game when you are questing so fast and so hard that you sort of forget what it is all for and how it all got started. 

Totally called it! Microsoft renews Killer Instinct trademark

I published “Most Wanted Game Reboots: Killer Instinct” on August 8th, 2012.

Microsoft had their trademark for Killer Instinct renewed on September 17th, 2012.

Coincidence? Not even a little.