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Uploading games to the 3DS

Why doesn’t Nintendo let me do this? I think the biggest reason to download full retail games directly from the 3DS eShop is simply to be able to play the games whenever I want without the need to switch cartridges. 

Some games that could definitely sit forever on my 3DS are Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Code of Princess, not to mention Animal Crossing New Leaf and Rune Factory once those games arrive. It would be great to be able to just open my 3DS and quickly play any of those games on the slightest whim. 

If Nintendo is able to let you download the game online, how come they have not said anything about uploading your physical game cartridges into the 3DS? This ability is at the top of my list for features the 3DS definitely needs to stay on top of its game.

Oh man, and don’t get me started on where my downloadable classic DS games are…

3DS friend codes

I have no 3DS friends!

Who am I supposed to defeat in Mario Kart/Kid Icarus/Code of Princess etc etc etc!?

Add me and shoot me your Friend code yo!


Oh geez, I hope I don’t sound desperate…

Why I can’t play House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut


So House of the Dead: Overkill right? Amazing Wii game.

Know what would make it even better. If it was in HD, had some new levels, and maybe added a few more ‘fucks’ for good measure.

Oh also if it was fucking affordable!

To play the HD remake of House of the Dead Overkill I need the game. I need two Playstation Move controllers, and the Playstation Eye Camera.

Based on the cheapest prices I have ever seen these items, this still adds up to 100 bucks! All this just for one game. One I already own on the Nintendo Wii!

I really want HotD for PS3 but that price is just absurd!

Some folks might be thinking, “But the PS Move is an investment, you can play other games too!”

No. It is not an investment because HotD is literally the only game worth having a PS Move controller for! Everything Move compatible works just great with the standard controller. Anything Move specific I already played on the Wii five years ago.

So no HD HotD for me. Unless someone has $100 bucks to give me for this truly ignoble cause.

A minute for Space Station: Silicon Valley

In my post about being cold, and cold games, Falling-Starflower brought up the forgotten N64 classic Space Station: Silicon Valley. Not a snow covered game throughout, but as Falling-Starflower mentioned, there were some memorable arctic moments in the game. Besides, how often do I get to talk about SILICON VALLEY FOR THE NINTENDO 64!?

I remember seeing previews of this game in Nintendo Power and EGM I believe (Wish my old gaming magazines weren’t packed away, or else I would just look), and just reading about a game that was so unrealistically ambitious. Even my seventh grade mind was feeling a bit skeptical, but much like Peter Molyneux fans might feel today, the ideas the game designers had for Silicon Valley were just way too damn awesome to question.

Those high minded developers were the folks of DMA Design, creators of Lemmings and another intriguing N64 game, Body Harvest. They are better known today as Rockstar North and have been working on some little game series called Grand Theft something or other ever since.

Long story short. By my measure, a very fun game, and definitely another forgotten N64 cult classic. Too bad the ambitious ideals of the programmers led to a bit too much hype at the time it was released. All the parts are there for a sequel/remake though, just saying.

Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s part three: Shiny Pokemon


Recently I have been on the hunt for some shiny Pokemon.

It’s bullshit.

There is no other way to put it.

This hunt has continued since I returned to the land of Pokemon back in the DPP (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum for the uninitiated) days. Never ran across any shinies in the hundreds of hours on that game. Same goes for White 1. Hundreds of hours, never saw a shiny anything anywhere. Now I have gone so far as to hit 999:59 hours on White Version 2 and still nothing!

So I am working the “Masuda Method” and even got the shiny charm, but my odds are still piddlingly low and after a few days of egg hatching, still nothing. The repetitive but worthwhile nature of Pokemon has become bleak and never ending, and still repetitive.

I get the idea, shiny Pokemon are rare, but this is really a bit much. I put my hours in dammit, and I want my shiny Magnemite!

On a slightly related note, I wish Pokemon names allowed for much more characters, so that shiny magnemite could one day be known as “Bite My Shiny Metal Ass”

A minute for a cutscene from Tales of Phantasia

gabi-hime said: Yeah, I can think of games with important snow landscapes and plot events, but not a lot of games that are just snow and winter all the time.

There are likely a few memorable scenes like that in all the games I have played, but one comes readily to mind. A small moment in between saving the world in Tales of Phantasia. While resting up in a northern, snow covered inn, instead of just immediately resting for the night, then scene change to waking up, an entire cut scene takes place.

I was lucky enough to find the scene from the GBA version (I originally played the fan translated SNES version, but a hard drive crash kept me from finishing the game. I eventually did get the chance to finish the re-released GBA version).

It’s not the greatest scene ever, but damn good for SNES era, and came at a pretty hefty time in the game when you are questing so fast and so hard that you sort of forget what it is all for and how it all got started. 

Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s part two


So this Pokemon thing is pretty crazy right? I want to expand on the idea of TOO MANY POKEMON! 

I argue that there are not nearly enough Pokemon! The issue is how incredibly difficult it is to get so many of them now. I have never seen such fervor for people to go back and play all the previous games they didn’t originally play. 

“Man, this game is good, but I want to go back and play a previous, more cumbersome version of this game just to catch one Pokemon character out of a possible one hundred/two hundred/six hundred possible Pokemon.”

If the goal is to collect them all, that is a noble goal, but even with a network of pokemaniac friends it can still be nearly impossible to catch many of them, or even see all of them.

As someone who has recently “caught them all” (in Pokemon White Version 2 for the Nintendo DS) I can say that finding them all was beyond ridiculous. Even now I don’t still have them caught, because my friends wanted them back. I guess it is more reasonable to say I have “held them all, for a small, non consecutive amount of time.”

Basically, I want to own my own Moltres again! This shouldn’t be such an unfair request. SIGH.

So in conclusion, make as many Pokemon as your GAME FREAK heart desires, just LET ME CATCH AND TRAIN THEM TO FIGHT ALSO!