They aren’t called Squaresoft anymore? Some feelings about Square-Enix

I used to enjoy Square games immensely, and got way hyped about every new series and offshoot of a series they would announce.In the Square heyday of Final Fantasy VI through IX, alongside other amazing efforts out of Square during that span I was all in on that company. They were on the status of Nintendo to me. They could do no wrong. I could write thousands of words on some their forgotten efforts like Einhander and Brave Fencer Musashi. There were piles of original and innovative content being produced by them in the PSX days. Along with all that inovation, you could always rest your hat on the quality production of Final Fantasy as the cornerstone of console RPGs. 

I never particularly felt betrayed by Square. I can’t pinpoint a moment when I thought, alright Squaresoft, you’ve gone too far, drop the gunsword before someone doesn’t get shot.

It was actually a very gradual process. There was a time when I would drool and ogle images of upcoming Square games in the latest issue of EGM, the way I do now for Nintendo or WayForward produced titles.

Eventually some mediocre games began to trickle out, so I stopped following this or that series. The next thing I know, Square has merged with Enix and I don’t want a single game from either company. 

That’s not to say that Square has been terrible ever since I stopped caring. They still have great games, but their percentages of quality product have dropped off.

Shout outs specifically to The World Ends With You for the great world/music/battle system that made me remember how incredible you can still be. Although I do expect great work from Jupiter, the guys who created the classic GBC Pokemon Pinball.

Also props to Theatrhythm, for knowing so deeply one of the reasons we pick up Final Fantasy games, the music. This game also gave me the energy and nostalgia to wade through the morass of thoughts I have about Square and Final Fantasy.

I think the works of Square will be a hot topic among overly opinionated gamers for some time. I haven’t even began to cover all my thoughts on the subject yet.

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