Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s: Gambling On Some Pokemon Eggs

Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s is the place for all my Pokemon related thoughts as we build up to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y this October.


I wouldn’t call breeding Pokemon ‘difficult’ per se. I didn’t get a game over from the deadly trials of riding my bicycle back and forth for absurd amounts of time. A better way to describe it (besides time consuming) is ‘frustratingly random’.

If there is one thing I hate in video games, it’s randomness. If I don’t have a certain degree of repeatable control over my environment, then it is not a game, it’s just gambling. Sorry, but if I gamble, I use money.

When random fluctuations are a core mechanic of what I am trying to do, I can easily go into a blind rage. Try after try only proves that cosmic forces are against me every time it takes more than the average amount of time for me to accomplish a task.

Let’s say that the Pokemon daycare gives up an egg an average of 1/5 for every 200 steps taken. some simple (incorrect) math would say that I should get an egg after 1000 steps. 5000 steps after that, then I get an egg.

Indignant rage right there.

The game was artificially lengthened basically because I was rolling a die with every pedal of my bike, betting on the chance that an egg would show up.

Of course this random theme is present throughout every other aspect of Pokemon, but in most cases seem justified. Rare Pokemon are rare based on the frequency they appear and their capture rate. Stats are varied due to the randomness of IV distribution for Pokemon.

There is no reason for the eggs not just popping out in regular intervals. These Pokemon, MY Pokemon are getting it on, now give me a damn egg you old man!

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