Dear Retro Studios: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D needs online everything!


One of the greatest parts about the return of Donkey Kong Country with Donkey Kong Country Returns was far and away the simultaneous co-op. I played through the entire game with my, normally Gears of War 3 playing, cousin. We became a maelstrom of monkey fury as we crashed through level after level, always on the hunt for those elusive puzzle pieces.

Getting to go through DKC Returns with a friend, experiencing each wild event contained in all the various levels doesn’t just leave a memory in your mind. It sears an experience into your psyche. 

Basically, Co-op is important. Retro has the technical know how and game delaying swagger to make 100% sure that there is some form of multiplayer in this game. Do they have the savvy to get online co-op in 3D with the great framerate you need to appreciate the incredible graphics stuffed into DKC.

Now some multiplayer battle modes or what have you would be nice too, and maybe I will cover that later when I have some concrete ideas of how that would work.

What is important though is that there also be online high score and best time leaderboards! Though the original DKC Returns has more than enough replay value with all the extra challenges to take on within every stage, it’s clear that online leaderboards would make this game far more competitive. Dare I ask for uploadable videos of those best runs? Okay sorry, I am asking a bit much now, but you are Retro Studios and that means something.

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