Crossing the X’s and dotting the Y’s: Pokemon World Tournament

Crossing the X’s and Dotting the Y’s is the place for all my Pokemon related thoughts as we build up to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y this October.


First, a missive. Please Nintendo, do not release Pokemon X nor Pokemon Y until you remember to add the PWT. 

As developers move to new platforms, their first game releases are more experimental and haphazard. This should be expected and embraced as developers test new ideas and gameplay mechanics. The problem is actually with Pokemon Black & White Version 2 (man I hate writing that entire name). Pokemon White 2 (henceforth called) being the pinnacle of Pokemon productivity that it is, I fear that Pokemon X and Y will be bound to take a step back in many respects. 

Things like moving slower, poor menu design, or fights taking longer to load is all fine and whatever. Not the sort of thing that makes me stop playing Pokemon. The game is already slow, I can play it slower. The fear is the need to cut all the things that made Pokemon White 2 so addictive. Specifically to this article the Pokemon World Tournament.

Online is way broken as far as I have come to understand it (I am always up for some legit battles, friend code me a message playa) and I don’t exactly have a gang of pokemaniacs nearby to battle with all day, so the PWT has been my best link to the much more competitive aspects of gaming. Nostalgically battling so many bosses from classic games is too good of an idea to ever let go of again. Especially as the game shifts into 3D, I think fans will be excited to see 3D callbacks to the long lineage of pixelated handheld Pokemon that came before it. 

The gaming aspect is by far the greatest reason to bring it back of course. I learned a lot more about the nuance of Pokemon battle than I ever learned brute forcing my way towards “catching ‘em all”. Proficiency of players is never a bad thing As the skill level and knowledge base increase, perhaps the competitive side of Pokemon will grow as well. 

I confess that I have not the chess-like mind needed to win a Pokemon tournament but I’ll be honest, if they streamed Pokemon tournaments online with commentators like EVO does for fighting games, I would watch that shit ALL DAY. I would also want to be one of the commentators.

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