Theatrhythm, Final Fantasy Simplified


This game is like a radiant gem glistening in a hill made of dusty coal. A sparkling ray of light that brings memories of beautiful shores rather than this dirt covered wasteland set before me.

I’m being melodramatic, but we are talking about Final Fantasy here, I think it’s justified. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is the best FF title I have played in a very long time.

If you can’t imagine why the guy who writes about video game music all day loves FF, the main reason for my love of Square and Final Fantasy is the music. If a game was rated on the criteria of sound, story, gameplay and controls, then Square at least hit one of four in every one of their games. 

Square must have known that a subsection of fans was tired of the other 3/4’s of Final Fantasy bullshit.They stripped things down to a game consisting of leveling up, addictive gameplay, and amazing music. Squee delivered the goods. My only complaint is that the story could have been a little more camped up to fit in with the chibi-FF atmosphere of the game.

Let me suggest this, that storyline issue can truly be resolved by the creation of an original game with original music using these simple but effective Theatrhythm mechanics.

An original musical RPG. I am all in Square-Enix. 

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