Is your PS3 up to date?

Every time I try to play something, anything, it feels like there is a system update, a game update, an update update. Then after the update downloads, it has to install the update. It’s worse than any electronic device I own, and I own plenty of internet connected devices.

The day I came home with my PS3, I plugged it in, turned it on…

System update…

Pop in Little Big Planet…

Game update…

…two hours later, I was playing my PS3 for the first time.

That is not right.

Since I bought the thing, this has happened countless times, especially when I purchase a game that has been out for a few months.

It’s happening right now!

When I put a disc in, I want to play that disc, right now! 

Just needed to vent.

PS3 is pretty okay really. You know, when it allows me to play video games on it.

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