Why I can’t play House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut


So House of the Dead: Overkill right? Amazing Wii game.

Know what would make it even better. If it was in HD, had some new levels, and maybe added a few more ‘fucks’ for good measure.

Oh also if it was fucking affordable!

To play the HD remake of House of the Dead Overkill I need the game. I need two Playstation Move controllers, and the Playstation Eye Camera.

Based on the cheapest prices I have ever seen these items, this still adds up to 100 bucks! All this just for one game. One I already own on the Nintendo Wii!

I really want HotD for PS3 but that price is just absurd!

Some folks might be thinking, “But the PS Move is an investment, you can play other games too!”

No. It is not an investment because HotD is literally the only game worth having a PS Move controller for! Everything Move compatible works just great with the standard controller. Anything Move specific I already played on the Wii five years ago.

So no HD HotD for me. Unless someone has $100 bucks to give me for this truly ignoble cause.


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