A quick note about Killer is Dead and Shadows of the Damned and Myself


Cybernetic limbs? Travelling to the moon? Has Suda51 been reading my dreams?

This post is a bit more about me than Killer is Dead, but don’t worry. there are plenty of Suda51/Grasshopper/Killer7/is Dead/etc ideas floating all over my brain.

Basically I wish I had a cybernetic arm, and I wish I could fly to the f-ing moon!

I have another wish, to hunt monsters/demons for a living. This wish is obviously the least likely of the three. Some more background? I am a Mexican American living in Los Angeles. Sort of like Shadows of the Damned’s Garcia Hotspur. A man who hunts demons for a living!

Holy crap Suda, how do you do it!?

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