Presidential Candidate Could be Spawn of Lucifer.

Los Angeles, Calif. President Obama, and presidential nominee Mitt Romney have confirmed to be taking part in an unusual, but highly demanded debate. Which presidential candidate is Satan? The American public demands to know.

After the debate was confirmed, Barrack Obama issued a press release stating, “I have the utmost respect for Mitt Romney, and I do not believe that he may be Satan. That said, I am not foolish enough to believe that I am smarter than the devil. That is why I owe it to the American public, to really make sure he isn’t here to plunge the earth into darkness.”

A few hours later, the Romney camp made their own announcement, saying, “I believe that Barrack Obama only has the best interests of America at heart. We may differ in opinions, but you can’t deny that Barrack Obama was born quite close to an active volcano.”

Priests, rabbis, and holy men of at least seventeen different faiths and denominations will be flown in for the debate, just in case ultimate evil does present itself tonight. 

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