Where have you been.

So, in my infinite foresight I have been overwhelmed by too many things for too long. GM4A has gone without updates from me for some time now. I have been buried, mired perhaps, in the writing, and reading of a person who wants to write for a living, and have people read it.

No one checks out this blog, so it doesn’t really matter what I say here, but writing is writing. I think I plan on trying to write a few more joke articles and game articles here for a bit. I do want to do a bit more article writing now, but not in the same simple vein I have been for a long time on GM4A.

As of late, and if you peruse my deviantArt page you will see that I have written a few short stories…and even poetry (BLEARGH) lately. To what end? Not sure yet. I do love writing fictional stories though, which has culminated in finally making the decision to actually become a real life writer. That decision is something I will have to discuss later though. Right now I am putting the finishing touches on a 50K word novel I have written for NaNoWriMo. So from November 1st I have thrown down a ridiculous (for me) amount of words, all about some loser detective who…READ THE BOOK! Moving on…

I am writing on here now, because a few things have been crossing my mind lately. I would like to bring video game culture and the world I see into a much larger framework. I feel like video game music and culture is stuck in a bubble without any context or history. What is missing most of all is the humanity of the hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of bit players in this constantly shifting new media.

When people rich and poor, of every persuasion, and from many corners of the earth do something, it has an impact. Video games are having an impact. That should be explored in larger depth. How is No More Heroes the antithesis of GTA? How does the music in House of The Dead Overkill effect your reaction to the violence on screen? What does a social game like Super Smash Brothers say about human interaction and of fairness and cooperation?

These are all things I have thought about, and perusing google, not a person has written about it. Perhaps it will be me that has to do so.

I got a jacket to put on and a hat to wear
I wouldn’t waste a gallon on you out there
And I got all the time in the world


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