Teleidofusion review up at The Naked Gamers

Finally got my Teleidofusion review finished this past weekend and it is up now over at TNG for Music Monday. It clocks in at about 1K words,  here’s an excerpt.

Imagine a cold spring morning; it’s the time of year when the temperature is slowly shifting from the lifeless cold of winter to the gentle, cool breezes of springtime. The light of the sun climbs across the ground and pours through the cracks in your curtains, and a methodical, rising sound lulls you from a deep sleep. Savor the feeling. That is the opening to the debut album from chiptune duo Teleidofusion.

I also got to see the one and only Nullsleep perform this past weekend over at Synchronicity in Los Angeles with George Brower, Trash80, and Mr. Spastic. It was my first straight on chiptune show, and definitely had a great time there. Also passed out a lot of flyers for West Coast Wigout 2 which I hope entices some people to come out.

I think I will write more about my experience working on WCWO2 soon on here as well, once things let up at work. Maybe a post about the Nullsleep show as well if time permits, it was certainly a night to remember, I can assure you of that! Here’s a crappy camera phone photo I grabbed of Nullsleep’s performance as well!

And when I finally get there I’ll taste freedom.
Freedom from my family and their lies.
Freedom from my boss,
and freedom from the cross.
The cross on which I once was crucified.


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