New articles on Beep City and The Naked Gamers

I recently did two new write ups for some other sites. The first one is over at Beep City, and is an interesting concept (even with some artwork by me!).

Welcome to Stage Select! What is that you say? Well I shall break it down for you now. This series looks to take chiptune songs and use them to tell a tale. Imagine something akin to a music video, where every note and tempo change tells part of a story.

The first song we bring you is one that has been playing in my head for some time since I ran across it last year. It comes from the debut EP Challenge! by Swedish musician Comptroller. The full album is available free over at GM4A Records, but we will be focusing on the second track from this EP, the song Galactic Hero. The album in full feels like the soundtrack to an epic space opera, and that is the theme I am going with today to describe this song. Follow along as you listen to the track and I hope you enjoy!

Read more over at this link.

The second one is over at The Naked Gamers. This one is a rewrite of an old Megas article from The Start Screen. I rewrote and cleaned it up a bit, and think it is a good article. I will have a completely new write up for TNG next week, but for now, check out this rewrite.

As jazz bands have standards, the types of songs many musicians rearrange and make their own, the video game inspired music world also has their standard video games which everyone covers. It seems one of the most often rearranged, remixed and recreated soundtrack is the NES classic Mega Man 2. That is surely not to say that the game is overdone. There is one band though, who has not only taken Mega Man and created something new, but just as much, have given something back to the game. Musically they have infused the game with a new background, depth, and mentality that should have never existed in the minimalist colors and dimensions of a humble platformer from 1989.

Read more over at this The Naked Gamers link.

Hope you enjoy the articles! More soon! And of course I am always looking for more outlets to post at!


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