Time to take out the trash

So I have a ton of things to get done, and even more things to get done with some recent news. I have things to write, then some more things to write…then some stuff to write.

Looks like I will be writing for Beep City soon though! I think I am going to title the article series “Stage Select.” Luckily I do not need any fancy graphics or anything for this one. The basic idea for the article is that I will take one chiptune track from my collection and plunder it’s musical depths and gleam from it a short review of the imagery the song conjures up in my mind. Was that description a little over the top there? Yeah, probably. Well basically I review and discuss one track per article.

Above and beyond that I have to draw a small pixel art “screenshot” of the image I have in my mind from the game too. If you look a couple posts back I kind of did something like that with the song Galactic Hero by Comptroller. That is initially where I got the idea for these articles actually.

I am also looking for other websites to write for as well, I really feel like the next step to being a writer is working with deadlines, expanding my writing style with different types of articles, and simply getting my name out there. This comes right on the heels of my former guest writer stomping ground The Start Screen (not linking it since it doesn’t exist anymore) shutting down forever just last week. So with that I am also looking to rewrite and re-host my articles, and let me continue writing them. I am really hoping for an established video game website to host my articles. Are YOU that website!?

Well I would prefer one that could pay me, but who am I to demand such things just yet? I would love some more financial security though, and I wonder how much better I would write if I got paid for it. That is a whole other thing to think about though, and won’t dwell on it now.

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One response to “Time to take out the trash”

  1. Rhythmroo says :

    That’s a great idea, searching for more places to write and getting your name out there. I hope the best with your endeavors. I’ll be rooting for ya. 😀

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