Been gone from this blog for a while

But not because I haven’t been busy! Well okay I haven’t been busy, at least not until the past week or so. Allow me to explain. The day after Christmas I unfortunately broke my old computer. So sadly I was left sans computing power for several weeks until I gathered enough spare change to head down to Fry’s and grab myself a new one. I accomplished that feet about two weeks ago, give or take. And since then it has been a slow trek to getting things back in order. I think I have done well for myself in that respect thus far.

I have been able to get This Week in VGIM back on track. Started releasing new episodes of Ballad of the Wind Fish once again. Not to mention GM4A’s upcoming concert.

Another thing I am proud of is the slow but steady success of the GM4A Records netlabel that has started up merely two months ago. Since then we have been lucky enough to have two great album releases in Comptroller and Doug Leinen. Also several exciting upcoming projects which I hope will see the light of day as well.

Now to change things up a little.

That there is a simple astronaut man I drew in tribute to the Comptroller track Galactic Hero, which I have gone on record as saying highly visualizes the moments building down to a heroic launch into space. That also leads me to another artistic endeavor I am undertaking, although I don’t want to reveal what that is just yet. I am not sure exactly when it will be popping up, but I have been putting a ton of thought and some bit of work into it, and hope that it comes to fruition soon because I am very excited about it.

One more thing, before I was sadly ripped away from my former computer last year, I was working on another new thing, which explains that blank post below this one. Though it has not seen life just yet, I am happy to be resurrecting it very soon. That should be exciting as well!

Winter’s cityside
Crystal bits of snowflakes
All around my head and in the wind
I had no illusions
That I’d ever find a glimpse
Of summer’s heatwaves in your eyes


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