Into The Wilderness

It has been raining most of the day today, which seems to have ratcheted up my productivity a notch. I got a good chunk of writing done, listened in to KyleJCrb’s new radio show, and have now finished up a bit more of that World game map I have been working on. Still no new dungeons, but did work on some transition pieces. Check it out.

Into The Nothern Ice
Here we see the northern river going from ice into a free flowing river. I don’t think I made the transition as smooth as I would like, But I still think it looks pretty good. This is of course the Northern part of the map,  and just east of where the snow dungeon resides.

Into the Eastern Flames
And to the East the gentle grass slowly turns into a harsh magma filled hellscape. This will be the location of the fifth dungeon as well. Though I am still not sure exactly what my plan is for that dungeon. Perhaps it will come to me in a dream?

Also big plans for a very special Ballad of The Wind Fish tomorrow! On that note I should mention that the last weeks episodes are available to listen to on the appropriate GM4A page. I look forward to tomorrow afternoon’s show, so with that I am off!

Oh yeah, before I go, we also have a cool contest announcement coming up soon on GM4A, keep an eye out for that one!

So what if we like to do what we do?
It’s not like we’re gonna stop any time soon.


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