Done Got Equipped

First thing is first, brand new article on The Start Screen! Check it out!

Hey! Listen! The Megas Get Equipped

The article was admittedly a rush job, but when talking about a great band like The Megas, it’s not hard to find things to say. I am thinking my next article will cover Doctor Octoroc’s 8 Bit Jesus album, as a bit of thanks for the work he is doing for me lately. Not to mention more Christmas posts are necessary all around.

No new dungeons to report today, I know all one of you were looking forward to it but oh well. I did name the water dungeon “Phreatic Caverns” after a bit of looking at synonyms of water. I like the sound of it, plus it’s all science-ish. Everyone wins! I have been thinking about how I should set up the names of landmarks and stuff. Hopefully I can come up with science names for the dungeon. It would be awesome though to use plays on names from VG inspired music things (albums, band names, songs names, etc.) for landmarks, items, and weapons. Just a thought, but I am liking the idea more and more. Perhaps a temporary defense spell called Temp Shield Solution?

It should be noted, that as an inside joke I was going to call this post “Stinkpot” but lord knows what kind of attention that might get me.

Well I have written a good bit, and even squeezed some scribblenauts into the day. I would say it was a success. Now to wait for my next paycheck so I can rock that new Zelda DS game. Color me excited!

Is such a happy game
But Link really looks
A lot like my groin, you know


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