Water Dungeon

So I had one awesome nice day off today, which has to keep me prepared for a few straight days of work. I was able to finish off a nice article about The Megas for The Start Screen, which I hope is posted soon. Only a day or two now before the redesign as well, I plan to be plugging that a bit of course. You know, more than I have been already here. I ended up focusing solely on the Get Equipped album, both for brevity, and because I was simply burnt out. Also with a full review of Megatainment being an eventuality, seems kind of redundant to cover it twice.

In GM4A news I have nailed down the layout I think I will be sticking with for the now titled Week in VGIM post I hope to be doing every sunday now. I think that is a good way to link to folks, and hopefully get some reciprocal links back as well. I am already worrying about the ability to find new videos and artwork every week though, so hopefully I can gather up some back up stuff to get me a few weeks ahead, just in case. Although if folks send me more links in the comments, that may remedy the problem as well.

Other than that, I took it pretty easy today, which is probably a bad call since I will be so busy over the next few days. Well hopefully when I wake up tomorrow I will be willing to focus on, and write up a good few articles.

Last night I worked a little more on the world map I am creating. Not as much as I would have liked, but I did finish the area containing the second dungeon as seen below.


The idea is, that the pond in the middle of the lake is supposed to be drained, and the entrance to the dungeon is underneath. Yeah I kind of stole the idea a little from Link to the Past, but so what! You also get to the small lake within a lake from the strip of land just to the east of it. I want to think of names for the dungeon, lake, and river all, but am terrible with names. Something should come to me though. This will be the second dungeon in the “game” though, with the first being a kind of “beginner” dungeon to learn the ropes and get your first real weapon. I am putting far too much thought into this, but I have this thing about adding backgrounds to and personifying everything I can wrap my brain around.

Right now though, it is Saturday night, which means I am going to fall asleep to a brand new episode of Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, and what is this? … there is also a new Skeptic’s 5X5!? SWEET!

Danny, however, was a unique creation.
Endowed with both purpose, and destiny.


One response to “Water Dungeon”

  1. Marcos G says :

    Very cool concept, really looking forward to more. πŸ™‚

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