Something Interesting

So I know that my blog posts on here have been hovering all over the “wow can this guy be any less interesting” map. Hopefully that will start to shift now that I am done launching the site, and I am back to writing full time. I starting two new articles, one is a review of Jay Tholen’s new and amazing album Danny’s Incredible 8-bit Voyage. Also doing a good write up on The Megas for TSS. I have to shoot some questions their way to make a good article though, since I can’t wing it on facts like when the band formed and stuff like that.

That reminds me, much as this blog, and of course GM4A got some sweet redesigns, The Start Screen should be getting one as well! It should be pretty epic I think, seeing as how they have a team of several people adding, creating, and suggesting designs and ideas. I wonder if a multitude of people is good. With me, I don’t know, as I can be stubborn and bossy when it comes to my site usually. Well either way I am excited to see what the redesign looks like. Especially the forums, since they have been incredibly dead ever since this second redesign. I have no idea why though. I think the forums load a little slow, plus there are so SO many topics. I tried to go the opposite basic route on my forums, and hope it works out. I think they should do the same. There are many topics on TSS that are just completely empty and useless. I think it makes people think the forums are dead, and in turn decide not to join or post. Once they trim and recreate the boards and website I think things will pick up in there again. Also, the redesign of the main site should get a fair bit of attention.

I am sad to say that TSS is not as far along as I imagined after one year, but it seems to be a learning experience for everyone involved. I have never been part of a more mainstream site and had “coworkers” if you will. So getting used to that idea is still taking some work, even this far in. Mostly because of staff changes and what have you. If you have read older entries on this blog, you will know that I am glad to see one person gone and into the abyss of the internet.

I must say that I am amazed it has been one year since the site started though. I am glad to be a part of it through the ups and downs, and do have a certain pride being part of the site now. I hope this is just one of several years to come for the site, as it finds it’s place and style in the overpopulated (and mostly pointless) world of VG news.

Also this!

That is just a taste of the enormous overworld I am trying to create using the talented Nyno’s awesome tileset she created. I am making a few edits (which I am sure will make it look crappier, sorry!) but all the hard work is hers. I am merely slapping things together like a bunch of Lego. Anyway, that up there is the Snow Mountain Dungeon. I will think of a name for it soon. I am thinking it will be the 2nd or 3rd dungeon, depending on how many I decide to make. It will get a cooler name and a dungeon boss as well I think. I don’t know why, but I like coming up with these sorts of scenarios and backstories. I guess that is the “writer” part of me, yearning to be free. Anyway, that’s it for tonight. Hope this blog post has been more interesting than the other most recent ones. Goodnight.

My circuits slow.
My moment has come.
Your speed means nothing if it’s death that you’re running from.


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