The new week begins now

It is going to be such a big week as well! Oh man, just a few more days until relaunch! I am on the edge of my seat! Well metaphorically. I am actually pretty centered on it to be honest. All will be revealed very soon!

Also the forums got redesigned! By me! well all I did was find and format a nice template I dug up, and with my best friend nyno doing the artwork I actually did absolutely nothing. Why did it take me so much time then? Oh well, it does look nice now I think. It also matches well with the upcoming web design so things are really falling into place now! Sucks I have so much work and I am not able to focus on it as much as I would like as we head towards this final countdown.

Random just sent me pictures too from Friday night, that I believe Jeriaska took, check them out!


No idea what is happening here.


Did I have that jigglypuff tuft of hair going all night?


Group photo! Left to right is: Rich "ikilledacat", Me, Pandaderek, Random, Random's girlfriend (failed to get her name, I suck), IllGill, Applemonkey.

So those are some photos from the night. For now though I look forward to another day of fretting over the website and making sure everything is in order. So for now I retire.

Oh but before I go, check out the forum redesign, which I could have easily linked earlier when I mentioned the redesign the first time, but I am not scrolling up to add that link now!

Oh, also I meant to start sorting out the pricing situation for the upcoming album, but I guess I got sidetracked, I will definitely have to start planning that out very soon though. I hate math, but it must be done!

I’m on my way to the mother fuckin’ castle,
with this new sword I be fuckin’ ’em up.
Level 22 Master, fucking up bastards,
with this new ring that I found in a trunk.


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