This is a top of the line rocketship here pal

What an oh so very long day. I wish I could have spent more of it at home just talking to my friend. I did have fun hanging out with some people I haven’t seen in a long time though. First I went with Jeriaska to film some stuff with two of the fine folks from Tanuki Suit Riot about their music and Third Form and my website a bit. They were really cool fun guys to chat with and checking out their fancy home studio was definitely a treat.

After that went with my friend Rich and IllGill to Little Tokyo and had some sushi and hung out and caught up with eachother. Then off to the Mega Ran show which was awesome, even though Random had a very short set time. He did great though and the crowd seemed to love it, especially the freestyle. He also played Splash Woman, which is definitely my favorite.

One of the bigger things that stuck with my mind all day though was the dream I had last night. So many things happened and I remember so much of it. It was a huge series of events over what felt like several dreams, and they all led up to this very final thing just before I woke up. Simply the word “hi” but with such a strong meaning conveyed through the very tone and mood of the one simple syllable. I can still sense it right now. I will stop though before I get too poetic on here, and no one wants that.

To sum it up, great night, hung out with cool people, had a fun time and I told some good but ridiculous jokes. It was awesome. Although I am a shut in at heart and am very glad to just have tomorrow sitting inside with nothing to do.

They paid in cash,
so you played their songs.
but there was no feeling,
every note was hallow


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