Happy Thanksgiving

Yep, thanksgiving has come and gone. First of all, it was hot as all hell outside. What the fuck, seriously.

Now that that is out of the way, the day was long, and tiring, but also relaxing. I had work from about 8:30 to 5:30. I came home, relaxed a bit. Then i proceeded to stuff my face while watching Carl Sagan and The Cosmos (awesome band name alert!). I think everything Carl Sagan says is quotable and awesome.

Should also mention that Elfonso’s new album is up on iTunes. So hell yeah, check it out if you are so inclined. That also leads me to another message I got. Mutherpluckin’ B sent over his track for the new GM4A comp. it is one truly heroic five minute track that throws down a flurry of atomic funk bombs. That’s a terrible description, but the song is really really good. Well tomorrow is a very long and quite epic day. Hanging out with Tanuki Suit Riot and Jeriaska as I mentioned in the last post. Also will be chilling with the nerdcore homies later on in the night whilst also catching Random perform.

Didn’t do too much work on the website today either, but it’s a holiday, I have some semblance of an excuse this time. I am pretty sure everything is good to go anyway. I do need to give both the intro post and redesign email a once over though. Stop slacking on that Anthony geno!

I can not abide by your stance on this issue.
It pains me to even sit here,
but hey, I got bad priorities.


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