Relatively productive day

Hey look, this title has a capital letter, grammatically correct and everything. It’s the dawn of a new age!

I wrote out a handful of new blog posts today, and hope to do more over the next several days. You might notice this blog is early today as well since I have work ridiculously early tomorrow. Well not really, but relative to my normal work time it is ridiculous. I finished the email to be sending folks once the site launches, and I think it is pretty awesome, but may rewrite some bits still to make it more concise. I have a fear people will think of it as spam or for some other reason not make it through the whole message. So I want it to flow as shortly and smoothly as I can. That can be difficult considering how much I would like to convey, but it should be possible.

Also loaded up a bunch of new albums today to my iTunes, which might get me out of my Elfonso obsession for just long enough to get into some new tunes. Listening to a newer Pause release by The J. Arthur Keenes Band and must say it is awesome so far, will definitely need to write about this one very soon. It is a Pause album though, so it should be expected by now that I would totally dig it.

Also should mention I am doing some interview stuff Friday morning alongside the band Tanuki Suit Riot who will be on the new GM4A album. Jeriaska will be conducting the interview and recording all the awesome stuff, so have to thank him for that. We should be recording alongside Nameless and 8 Bit Weapon in the future as well which should be awesome.

Also stopped being lazy and started uploading all the recent recordings from Ballad of The Wind Fish for the archives on Arecibo Radio. And I think coolest of all, Hex sent over a copy of the Nerdapalooza Tapes 2009 and I do believe you can hear me yell “yeeeaaaahhh” at the opening of The Grammar Club’s song Red Cyclone. Have I finally been immortalized in compact disc format???

Pretty young things just get in the way,
‘Cause I’m not here for work baby, this is just play.


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