another relatively unproductive day

So didn’t get a whole lot done today, I have a list sitting here of things that need to get done for the site, and instead what I did was listen to some tunes (mostly Elfonso) and editing the ATTACK section. If  you head over there you will see a picture that links to my contact info. Well it technically links over to the contact page on gm4a but that works too.

I have tomorrow off, so will be getting a ton of work done then. Also will be preparing for this weekend, which will see the LA nerdcore folks and I heading into Los Angeles to catch Mega Ran perform on Friday. Will be giving full details on that on the main GM4A page tomorrow.

Actually I did work on one important thing. I have written a rough draft of the announcement email for the website. I will have to give it a once over before I consider it all finished up though. Next job is to sort out my contacts and start sending the emails and messages everywhere.

Oh and remember, forums, join them.

and you say it’s not especially
brilliant. But I love it,
but I love it anyway.


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