snazzed up this blog some more

At the cost of staying up way too late and getting nothing else useful done I have successfully changed this blog very slightly. Check out right above this post. You can see the nice “SPECIAL” image. If you check out “ITEM” and “ETC.” they have been snazzed up a little as well. ATTACK is still in the works, as I am not even sure what I want to do with that one. Contact info seems appropriate I think, you know, for folks to threaten me anonymously and all that good stuff.

I am particularly proud of the ITEM page. I learned how to map images with links tonight and feel slightly cooler for it. I think that image is totally awesome and well worth the bit of time it took to sort out and create.

Well unfortunately, since I worked so hard on cosmetic things there isn’t much to write about now! Well I should mention that I am going to see Random perform this Friday night, and should be a great time. Hopefully he plays Splash Woman again as that is a definite favorite of mine. If anyone IS reading this be sure to check out the brand new (currently beta) Game Music 4 All Forums! They are surprisingly active already and consist of a few of my close internet friends and fans of GM4A. I think they are well worth checking out!

This is your orbital frame,
it can be part of your body.
We’ll work together you and me,
like one entity.


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