a mixture of sorts

Tonight I have been browsing back and forth between the amazingly awesome things written and stated by one Michael Swaim, as well as those by the awesome Steven Novella MD. I have also finished Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, and during the credits I searched this here internet for the soundtrack, so that I can play this song on repeat.

Just enjoy that bit of awesomeness while I finish this blog. I have been waiting quite some time for Professor Layton too, along with many other folks I know, and I was definitely not disappointed in the story or the puzzles. The ending was totally spectacular as well. I am still waiting for some awesome folks to go ahead and remix some songs from the series! Get on that!

Nothing really to report over at GM4A currently. LVN is currently on hiatus still as well. The Start Screen though seems to be quite productive as of late! Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the forums and community in general. Now that the site is redesigned, soon I hope we can begin a larger push to get a community under our stead. there are only a handful of posts and threads as of this post. And even fewer comments on articles. It is sad to look at the main page and see that the majority of articles, no matter what their subject have no comments, and when they do, it is usually just one. I will try to remedy it by leaving some comments on some of the other folks posts more often. I have noticed that once one person has left a comment, it tends to get other people to add their two cents as well, and I think it is a good small strategy to start with. Hopefully I won’t lazy about and get to it.


Besides that I got some more articles written out today, and hope to get a lot more sorted out tomorrow as well. For now though it is time for ever more Layton. I need to find me those last couple puzzles!

They said it would never happen. Said it couldn’t be done. They set the title in front of me. Said it couldn’t be won. They told me I wouldn’t make it. Now my moment has come. The superheroes are clashing, and the remainder is one.


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