Molentary Express

So I just purchased Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box this past weekend, and needless to say IT RULES! I would actually be playing right now but I am once again stuck on an annoyingly difficult puzzle. So instead, here I am blogging out. Also adding some more new tracks to my iTunes library, tracks that will be included on our next compilation effort. Certainly exciting times! Sadly thanks to Prof. Layton as well as the new Metroid Prime Trilogy release I have not gotten too much work done on my site lately, but hope to get more done starting this Thursday when I have some days off and some free time to myself. With that free time I hope to start several articles, hopefully finish at least one, and keep things moving along for our upcoming compilations.

Besides that I have noticed tons of Drama in one of the boards I frequent (cough *RT* cough). So I am not too enamored with the place currently, I have no idea when it will die down either so I have not been focusing on it much at all lately. The drama isn’t really the problem though, never has been.

There just seems to be a general lack of input or output on the boards lately, which is quite the opposite on the VG rock and chiptune side of things. With stuff like Kind of Bloop, C-Jeff, Armcannon, Metroid Metal and so much more, there is just waves and waves of things happening. Over in the nerdcore trenches, not much at all. Perhaps that is just my perspective though, I certainly hope so, because that means there are some awesome albums in RT that are about to bubble to the surface. One can hope.

One thing I am having a problem with is that the most vocal and active folks in the community seem to be the folks with the least output. Not just that but also the community is so insular. Far and away there seems to be no active promotion by anyone about anything. It’s incredible the lack of promotion these people give others, but especially themselves. It’s times like that where I feel “Why am I promoting these people that couldn’t care less to help anyone else, including me?”

This is not to say that their music is bad, or anything about their music really. It’s just, when I am going around writing, promoting, and telling everyone about these folks music, I would hope that I would get some support in someway.

Basically what all this rambling basically adds up to is that, for how active I am in the nerdcore community, for how hard I work to help them, support them, and just generally be their friends. NO ONE IN NERDCORE READS MY DAMN WEBSITE! Most of them barely know it exists it seems like. To have to remind people of my site’s URL and that I even have a site is definitely exasperating to my spirit as a person who supports this “nerdcore” thing wholeheartedly.

I am worn out though, I am not really going to go into it much more right now. Needless to say that there is a lot to be done in the realm of nerdcore. We will see how things go. For now I sleep! And by that I mean play two more hours of Layton!

I’m sorry to say that I am just a ghost. I’m no super powered human capable of fixing every single problem that could possibly arise.


2 responses to “Molentary Express”

  1. 3rr0r says :

    Chin-up Geno, I read (and link to) your silly web-pagings. Without your help I wouldn't know the awesomeness of IFD, Anamanaguchi or Chromelodeon. If RT doesn't recover from recent sillyness, I think we'll be OK, the phoenix has risen from troll-hell before. I for one still hope to throw down for RTH4.0 and RT9, even as I grow weary of stickam shenanigans.

  2. Anthony says :

    Thanks 3rr0r I was talking in generalities for the sake of a coherent post (or at least more coherent). There are a lot of great people in nerdcore that do support me but it just seems the majority don't. I shall keep my chin up though! There are too many amazing things going on to let a few negative folks hold us back!

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