back on track

So I have been moving foward with getting the next compilations under way and I am very excited! That plus F-Zero plus Iwadon plus some other projects make for so much awesome. Also back to work on one West Coast Wig Out, think I’ll have to buy the domain name for that one too, we’ll see. Oh yes, I also have a new post over at the start screen about C-jeff. I think the next article I will be writing will be about Kenley and his Into The Score Podcast.

Having just finished Earthbound at the request of my friend, I went back and listened to his podcast about the soundtrack, and it provided a ton of extra tidbits that helped me enjoy the game even further after the fact. Earthbound was such an amazing game in so many ways, I am incredibly glad to have played it from start to finish. It was definitely worth it and now I understand the attachment so many people have had to it over all these years. The game and the music are both incredible, and tough to get out of my head.

I just went and did a huge review for the one and only Armcannon, sadly I don’t think anyone read it (YOU CAN READ IT RIGHT NOW THOUGH!). I will bug Danimal about posting about it when he gets back from rocking the shit out of PAX with Metroid Metal. Too bad I sadly had to miss out. I hope some good fortune lets me head out to MAGFest though, as Metroid Metal was announced as a performer just recently for that!

I have a bunch of other stuff to review too, so hopefully I can work that out tomorrow and not slack of as is normal for a loser like me. So with that I get some sleep!

OH FUCK, I also forgot, my awesome pal Marcos Was kind enough to interview me! Check it out for a cool interview where I ramble on too much and plug everyone I can!

The battle is ending, true war is just beginning. I’ll learn from this disaster, I’ll build eight robot masters.


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  1. rhythmroo says :

    Yeah, awesome interview is awesome. πŸ˜€

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