redesigns and new angles

So recently The Start Screen underwent a redesign from I don’t remember what kind of annoying format over to wordpress. I think the site looks fantastic (besides the blue link text) but the site seems to load faster and be more organized and looks just simpler and more streamlined. PLUS it is under wordpress and it is so much easier to write under that than the weird approach the old blogging tool they used handled things over there which would sometimes crash, not read html correctly, and do weird things between writing and posting a blog. NOT TO MENTION NO SAVE DRAFT OR PREVIEW ARTICLE FEATURE! That was particularly annoying, as I had to write out the post somewhere else and then transfer it to The Start Screen.

I would write more but I got me one of them radio shows to show, well broadcast anyway. I have failed to mention the radio show anywhere yet, but once I have some bad ass art from my amazingly artistic friend Kate I should be good to announce it! Well for now, unofficially, let it be known that I have a radio show over at and it is known as Ballad of the Wind Fish! Every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-2 PST. Listen in at that link at those times to hear me share with you all the sweet VGIM that I have been listening to lately!


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