Hey! Listen! Electric by C-jeff

00_ArtworkFine readers of The Start Screen might recall that I wrote about Pause a bit back. Well I bring them up once again because the Pause Netlabel (iimusic.net) has given me my first introduction to the amazing C-Jeff (c-jeff.untergrund.net), a chiptune artist from Russia. He has just released a three song EP that spans a globe trotting 30 minutes entitled Electric (which you can download free at iimusic.net/catalog/2009/08/c-jeff-electric). In only three songs this album seems to span an endlessly changing sea of genres, styles, emotions, and ideas. From soaring jazz compositions to cavernous crunching riffs, all the tunes have so much emphasis as if pain staking thought went into each note written in every track. This might be because of the inspiration of this album, which may just put the music into a little more perspective. This is C-jeff’s own small explanation about what the album is about.

The plot of Electric is the life of one man – from his naïve childhood, through happiness and darkness to the final light of heaven. This album is dedicated to memory of my father, Oleg Zhemkov, the great rock-musician whom I lost in spring of 2008. I miss you.

With that in mind, it’s very easy to see this album as a sort of biography for a lost loved one. Each piece of work can conjure up a specific mood, and even specific feelings and memories.

The EP is broken down into three parts by track. Electric Part 1 is a jazzy opening number. It kicks off with an ominous low key feel, but the pace picks up and spirals out into the atmosphere, finally landing with a lot of  crunch This leads right into Part 2, which has a faster pace. The song wears itself down into an industrious and upbeat vibe until it gets caught in a wave of tense deep tones.  The air is tense and quick in the final build up of the song. This leads to a dark siren like ending to the track.

Finally we end up at the final piece of this amazing album, the epic rock composition Part 3. The track starts off dark, as if in a dank sewer, but quickly shifts gear once the guitar work comes in. This sets up the track to create incredible mountains and valleys in the arrangement.  The album closes with a simple fade out, which leaves the final riff repeating in your head even after the track ends.

Brilliant chiptunes meld with incredible guitar work to create an aural treat over these three tracks, and will definitely leave no one disappointed. The album creates upbeat catchy highs as well as depressing somber lows in the arrangements. This album, along with the recently released Kind of Bloop (which you should check out, but I will write about soon hopefully) continue to forge a path that shows that chiptunes are far from simple blips and chirps, but instead are diverse, emotional, and versatile. Be sure to download this album from Pause and experience the incredible compositions that this album has in store!


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2 responses to “Hey! Listen! Electric by C-jeff”

  1. Rhythmroo says :

    This album is crazy-hot.

  2. Riot says :

    Part 2 is very smooth and pretty.
    The music does feel like it chronicles a life, like an ancient epic poem put into chip tune form.
    C-jeff’s quote was really touching, and added depth to my listening experience.
    Thanks always, genoboost 😀

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