Nerdapalooza: Nerdy music festival July 11-12 in Orlando, Florida


Nerds! Yeah yeah, we know we are. Well Nerdapalooza is a concert based in Orlando, Florida that embraces and proudly displays that nerdery for two straight days.

So what exactly is Nerdapalooza ( or Well it’s a concert that embraces all forms of musical geekiness! From rap about comic books, to rock about video games, and even dance music about Harry Potter! Nerdapalooza was started back in 2007 and has grown exponentially since then. Last year the event brought in about 300 performers and fans from all over the country, and even a handful of international folks, and this year looks to blow that one out of the water! The two day event lasts from twelve noon on July 11th through midnight July 12th, and includes over 20 different artists both small and well known to the nerd community.

npshow01JenShumateSome of those performing bands I have spoken of before right on this very site, including Jay Tholen, and I Fight Dragons. Some are very well known acts that many folks will recognize like headliners YTCracker, MC Chris, and MC Frontalot. Not to mention the many you should know about like Schaffer the Darklord, My Parent’s Favorite Music, The Megas, and ZeaLouS1. This is only but a small handful of all the amazing artists performing this year! Having gone to the event last year I can say myself that it is a festival worth attending, and well worth your dollar to come and see. What other concert is there where you can watch someone perform a rap song about Super Mario RPG, and then talk to them afterward about what the best video game console is, Marvel or DC, and what server they play in World of Warcraft? Not to mention the simple fact that you will see some great musicians put on some amazing live performances! The icing on the cake is that all proceeds made from this event go directly to the Child’s Play charity ( gives video games and toys to children in hospitals!

npshow02JenShumateThe event is located in Orlando, Florida, and is being held July 11-12 at the Holiday Inn Orlando International Drive Resort. The cost is a measly $15 for one day of the event or an even more insane price of $20 for both Saturday and Sunday. Also for folks that really like to get their money’s worth, there is also a free preshow open to everyone, ticket holder or not, on Friday, July 10th, which will also be serving free food and drinks at the Orlando local A Comic Shop (more info on the preshow through this link). If you are in the area I definitely recommend you take the days off to take in all the fun! More information can be found via the Nerdapalooza website or blog, or you can even follow the event through Twitter! I would also like to plug my little podcast Letters VS Numbers ( as we will actually be hosting the event! Hope to meet some of you Start Screen faithful at Nerdapalooza! To take us out I would like to show off ZeaLous1 and his song Level Up from Nerdapalooza 2008.

 Pictures taken by Jen Shumate.

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