Can’t sleep

So yeah I was lying down. Listening to episode 203 of SGU and playing some classic Advance Wars Dual Strike. Finished the battle on AWDS (got an A again, but aiming for an S rank, so frustrating…but so fun!). Well after setting down the DS, I finish listening to the podcast, and here we are. I am less tired than I was earlier. Dang. I hate when that happens.

I figured I would just update this blog a little whilst being unable to sleep. I Don’t really have anything to report or share with anyone though. Looks like you are quite the chump for even reading this far. tsk tsk.

Actually, I should mention that there is an awesome concert this saturday in LA. Here’s the link. I get to see Z1 play for the first time in nearly a year, not to mention seeing Dr Awkward perform as well, which I am interested in because I would dig booking him for more shows in the future.

Oh also, man, Nerdapalooza is less than a month away now. Geez, it just came out of nowhere! It is really happening wow. I am buying my plane ticket soon and can’t wait! The one time of year where I don’t have to shut up about video games and science and vg history and the direction of nerdcore hip hop and the third generation of VGrock and blah blah blah blah blah…

So you’ve canonized some shit that didn’t happen in the series, that’s some fucked up shit. I think you need to take an english course.


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