the future. THE YEAR 3000

Got my new article about II Pause up on The Start Screen now (here’s the link). I am pretty proud of this article too. I did a paragraph on three different albums from Pause, which was a fun way to change up those articles.

So, anyway, I am trying to sort out some things for the future, as the title sort of implies?

What things you ask? Several new compilations (all secret currently). Ideas for more compilations. Wrote out 5 more new articles today for GM4A which you folks will be reading soon of course. Trying to plan a concert, sort out ideas for two more concerts, and getting ready for Nerdapalooza.

Ah Nerdapalooza. buying my tickets this week for that noise. I think I am pretty prepared for most of our hosting duties as well for that. Need to make some merchandise for Nerdapalooza too. I am wondering what can be sold/given out there. Thinking maybe some shirts if possible? GM4A and LVN shirts, cheapo ones, but will probably just give them out anyway. Can’t forget some stickers, and maybe buttons as well. Hopefully a good amount of HCNC2 albums, and the other compilations as well. I also want to get a hold of and burn some upcoming tracks for future compilations to hand out. Get a tiny bit of buzz going for upcoming stuff. I have no idea what will be turned in by then though.

Anyway, I said I was going to go to sleep before I even started blogging this, and that was like, half an hour ago. OK Sleep now. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

POP POP BLAM BLAM, Bitches know who I am. I’m the baddest mother fucker from O-Town to Japan


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