Working working working

So wow, several things in the pipeline right now. Some really amazing people may be on board too! This is really exciting. And I am going to sort out more stuff soon as well! Man oh man I can’t wait to let everyone in on everything as it all develops!

Still need to talk to some people and get others on board. I think tomorrow I will get the ball rolling on even more stuff. Also a day off so I can finally talk to Chibi Ma and brainstorm more stuff. I have more ideas, and I know she does as well. I really want to involve her more in the compilation making side of GM4A, both to get her to be more involved in the site, as well as to keep me more level headed about the directions I go in with things.

At this point I should also mention Ma is a fantastic friend and I am lucky to know her. =]

Anyway, she shot the beginnings of an idea my way and I really love it. I know once we flesh it out more we will have something very awesome on our hands. A great idea is just on the tip of my mind for it! Can’t wait to figure out what exactly that great idea is!

That is all really. I do wish I could mention more, but everything is at such early stages that I can’t reveal anything yet. but in due time info will slowly start coming to light!

Well time to get some rest now and then roll up my sleeves and work on that whole podcast thing.


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