constant production

So man, why do I always feel compelled to work on more and more stuff? So much that it is sure to become pretty overwhelming at some point. Anyway I am wrapping up ANOTHER project. Setting to work on 2-3 more as well. I don’t want to make any announcements yet but yes things are getting done even after the release of HCNC2. Not to mention the whoring out of HCNC2 to whatever gaming or music website I came across. Was it worth it? I hope so. even if at least one site picks up the story I will be happy with that. So yes yes yes so much stuff in the works.

Also the podcast. PODCAST PODCAST PODCAST. new episode out. Advertising it on Qwantz this past day. Also trying to spam it more on theshizz and RT. I hope it works. We have to reach more people but how? I can’t just keep bugging the same people. How do you successfully advertise a podcast? I have the ad space on qwantz like I mentioned but who knows how many people click through, and then actually listen to it from there. Just have to grow one person at a time though. We are currently at about 85 subscribers, if we can reach 100 by the end of the month I feel confident we can reach 200 by the end of the year.

A much easier goal to reach this year is definitely the 5000 downloads. We have gotten up to 2500 so far (1500 of those being this year alone). So I think this goal is totally reachable, especially at the pace we are keeping now.

Back to the new stuff I am working on. It should be really exciting. I am tackling a lot but I think the ideas are great and should be really fun and folks will love them when they hear them!

I have a lot of odd things on my mind lately too. hmmmm. I will have to discuss them eventually maybe? Well I guess I can say that I am working on all this stuff as a bit of a distraction from things. Isn’t that always the way though?

I’ll destroy you, I’ll prove them wrong. This is my redemption song.


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