productivity as it relates to letters and/or numbers

So I was feeling pretty productive today, so I was luckily able to bust out a good few posts for GM4A. I still need to push HCNC2 a lot more, feels like things died down for it way too fast so I have to look at new venues to push the album on people. I have been looking a little but need to really put some new energy into it.

I have also sorted out, and updated the LVN myspace, started whoring out the twitter feed and pushing the podcast a little. Need to push it even more though! The podcast is now over 2,400 downloads at the time of this writing. I think we are doing something correctly. The podcast is once again what I want to focus on for this post. I think the creation of HCNC2 will make a good next blog post too!

Well as you may know we have brought one Chibi Ma on board for our podcast ride. I think she makes a great addition to the team as well. It also seems to have reinvigorated both B and I to put some extra muscle into our end of the podcast. we have been running at near to about a week per podcast ever since MisterB’s return, and it doesn’t seem like we will be slowing down any time soon either. we have started to push the show harder, but still to the same places we have been pushing them to already. Although we are still reaching new fans that way, especially in the nerdcore community. Sadly I have not been able to hit the vgm and chiptune community as easily which I am saddened by. Hopefully we can swing things that way soon because there is a lot of potential fans there, not to mention a lot of potential fodder to discuss during podcasts.

Another thing that Ma has somehow been able to wrangle out of MisterB and I is to get us to talk about video games more. Ma seems to be far more up to date on games than us two. She is like the VG news portion of the show. She is also able to play the ridiculous role alongside us as well which is great. It seems we are all able to play off of each other really well. Coincidentally though, my favorite podcast in the entire world The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe did the same thing back in their early days. Around episode 35 I believe, they brought on Rebecca Watson to be the sassy young gal on their podcast. Now they just celebrated the 200th episode so they must have been on the right track!

Anyway enough about Ma, it isn’t all about her sometimes. Sometimes. Anyway the big thing I want to talk about is that MisterB and I are hosting Nerdapalooza as Letters VS Numbers. This means that we will be introducing bands and bantering and insulting people for two days in front of a ton of people. I am both nervous and excited and a bit snoozy (but that last bit is probably because it is 3AM). This means pretty big things for LVN clearly. I wonder if it will actually make people be interested in our podcast though.

I really think we have to bring our A material. I think the most difficult thing for me is to play off the crowd. Unlike MisterB I am not as quick witted and my jokes take time and some forethought to flesh out entirely. I think I will have to write some things out beforehand depending on the situation. Well not even write them down exactly. It is more like the Dual Core intro thing. I just need a minute to plan things out. I wish that Dual Core intro Colon :P, COOL WHIP, and I did was posted somewhere because I am pretty damn proud of how that went. The thing is, when I have a basic plan, I can easily improvise from there, but when things are 100% off the cuff I have no plan and I fail to deliver any meaningful kinds of jokes.

It is sort of like, if there is a line drawn I can veer from that line and come back to it with incredible ease. But if you just set me down with no line, no chart or diagram, then I will not even move. I won’t know what direction to go or what path to take. When we were thrown on stage at Nerdapalooza last year that is what happened to me, I had no idea what we were supposed to talk about and as such I barely talked at all. Anyway that is how I have to sort things out on my side for things to go really well. I think I can handle it though! I do pretty well in front of crowds when I am up there with someone else.

Now, the people at Nerdapalooza itself is going to be another thing. I think we will be able to play off the crowd for the most part, seeing as how a lot of it is made up of a lot of our friends and fans of the show or just us in general. I wonder how we will go over with folks who have no idea who we are though. I am sure there are a lot of them. The course of action I assume is to convince them that when they get home from Nerdapalooza to google LVN and subscribe to us. A difficult task indeed, but one I think we can do if we have a bit of merchandise, a lot of moxy (how do you spell that? is it a real word?), and a ton of something else that would make this sentence awesome, but we only really need two things so this bitching closing sentence fails to deliver.


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