an update? oh fuck something must have happened!

Hell yeah something happened. Man, everything happened! Okay so I think I should cover the biggest thing first!

Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo has finally come out! It has been half a year in the making and it is finally out in it’s 2 disc 26 track glory! It has gotten some really awesome reviews already too! Here are some choice quotes

“It’s very quirky and unorthodox with a plethora of genres covered by a great ensemble of musical talent.” – Axtuse

“GameMusic4All has released their newest compilation & it’s fantastic. Best nerdcore comp yet.” – Doctor Popular

“i would consider this ‘2009’s best kept secret’, as there isnt a singly shabby track on the whole double album set.” – Shawn Phase


this is hawt” – Chibi Ma

So yeah, I guess the album is having quite the impact on folks, which I am really glad to hear. The thing now is just getting people to listen to it. How do I spread the word? I really want this album to be a big deal, but unlike when I do a straight game tribute this one is a lot tougher to market. I need to contact sites that cover music, or maybe underground hip hop along with the sites for gaming news and such. In that vein I also did my own write up for the album at The Start Screen. So check that out if you are so inclined.

I really put a ton of energy into this album, which is always weird to say. I mean, what did I do really you know? I didn’t write a note of music or write a single line. I feel like people giving me credit on the album is always odd, when they should be thanking the individual artists who made these amazing songs. Anyway that is a whole other subject. Back on topic, yeah, lots of work, and lots more to be done! Need to get the album pressed still, gussy up the website a bit more, and just keep spreading the word like I said earlier!

Also, a few small things that happened, I checked out a cool little orchestral concert recently (review and footage here). That was definitely a fun time, I got to see Civ IV played live again, and this time by Chris Tin himself which was really awesome! He even tweeted at me about it! Also saw an awesome orchestral rendition of the music from flOw, the most bad ass flash game ever made in all of history, especially the flash games made before computers were invented, i mean, fuck that shit. Oh, anyway, yeah I recorded footage from it then out of nowhere Austin Wintory (composer for flOw) contacts me on youtube asking for the raw footage and saying he really liked my write up. That was definitely a new high point for me!

Finally, you may have noticed a quote above by one Chibi Ma, well she is the new writer for GM4A I alluded to in a previous blog! She is already kicking some ass too, she already up and did a whole awesome lengthy interview with the UMD Symphony Orchestra which is an awesome read! And soon she is going to do an album review for one of my favorite composers! I don’t think I can say what album she is doing yet but I am sure it is going to rock! It should be out soon I imagine. I think I really made the right decision by having her on board. Soon she is probably going to show me up and people are going to think she runs GM4A! haha well ok probably not but she would definitely make a lovelier face for the site than angry antisocial Anthony would.

Also, she is now on Letters VS Numbers! I am supposed to be editing the first episode with her as an official member of the crew right now but I am being lazy. It is awesome to have her on. So much less dead air and she actually keeps us talking about video games a lot more often now too!

also a few more things. I don’t write for the nerdapalooza blog anymore, those reigns have been picked up by Hex once again! I might be writing for soon too! The site is really awesome and ran by shizzies so I can’t wait to be part of the crew there. Working on my first article for them now!

Oh and very importantly, MisterB and I, as LVN, are hosting Nerdapalooza! FUCK YEAH! I will have to write a lengthy post about just that very soon I think! That’s all for now! Hopefully I can remember to update this thing more often. Good night!

You work a computer or a typewriter. you don’t work a guitar. You play it.


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