Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo


So with all the hubbub over Street Fighter IV, MvC2, and King of Fighters 12, fighting is definitely on peoples minds. Not just in games, but in music too!

Well as some of you may or may not know, I also run a website known as Game Music 4 All ( It is a site that reports on any and all VG inspired music news, which is why I tend to nerd out over video game music particularly badly. Well on occasion GM4A creates a new compilation of video game inspired music to pay tribute to the past time we all love.

Inspired by the fighting games we have grown up alongside all these years GM4A has worked hard on and finally released an album which pits different musicians, DJs, rappers, composers, singers, and more against one another to see what musical mayhem is produced in the aftermath.The one thing all these folks have in common is that they are avid video game fans and proud of it.

The project, Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo (, is two discs and 26 tracks of collaborations by video game inspired musicians. Some songs stay true to their video game roots with tracks like Contra, It Is What It Is, and 8 Bit Flashback. Some take it to different nerdy grounds with songs like I Like Anime, and the Star Wars inspired Rhyme Pirates. Still others take it to other territories like the ridiculous yet well done Bizarro Paradise City, and the hilarious ninja oriented Secrets Don’t Make Girlfriends. Of course the album even has it’s share of more serious songs like Revolution and Sentimental Graffiti. This doesn’t even mention the ton of other tracks that all run across this gamut of amazing tunes that cover so many topics and styles of music.

The album has been six months in the making and I hope all the effort everyone has put into it shows. The concept behind the album is to show that no matter how you show your love for gaming and the culture surrounding it, we are all gamers at the end of the day, and that’s that. You can download the entire album, free of course, at And I really hope you enjoy the music and the concept behind it. I also have to thank Miz Calamity, Kid Edwin and the Start Screen crew for letting me shamelessly plug my own site here!

Check out the preview below for a sampling of just a handful of tracks (some colorful language in the video, so be warned).

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