Hey! Listen! I Fight Dragons




Some bands write songs about video games, some bands reinterpret the music from video games, and still other bands show their love of video games by simply cranking the NES to 11 and rocking out. I Fight Dragons resides in that final category.

I Fight Dragons (ifightdragons.com) is a relatively new band in the VG inspired music scene, but the infancy of the group should be no indicator on their prowess as musicians. The group has been working hard to gain a lot of ground in such a short amount off time. They have released their first EP Cool is Just a Number, as well as several amazing singles such as a remix/remake of Imogen Heap song The Process, and a fun rendition of the Zelda theme live from a recent concert. They have been doing plenty of shows around their hometown of Chicago as well and even getting local play on the radio stations there.

ifdliveThe group formed about half a year ago out of a love of video games, chiptunes, and just plain rocking. The band is comprised of Brian Mazzaferri, Mike Mentzer, Hari Rao, Laura Grene, Dave Midell, and Bill Prokopow. Most of the group rocks their own instruments, plus random modified video game consoles and controllers. This includes NES Zappers, the Power Glove, an NES Advantage, Rock Band controllers and more. As you can imagine, their live show is certainly something to see.

Their debut EP, Cool is Just a Number, is the best indication of their style, which they describe as NESRock. The album goes from an intro of propping in an NES game to several extremely catchy and rocking songs, to a slow and soft closing song all in a handful of tracks. Their debut album is available free for a limited time from their website as well for those interested in hearing the full album. It is definitely one not worth missing! The band will also be playing this summer at Nerdapalooza (nerdapalooza.blogspot.com), so that may be a great chance to see their amazing live set!

For now I will leave you with the new music video for their song Money from the Cool is Just a Number EP.

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