I write for nerdapalooza blog now

but I am still not an official member of the nerdapalooza team waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. No not really, well I don’t know. I probably am. I don’t really care. Anyway, yeah, I do write for the Nerdapalooza Blog. The whole thing was terribly out of date so I forced my way in and updated everything and made everything easily findable for folks who are not too familiar with the biggest and best nerdcore festival ever conceived. How is that for a plug?

So anyway, that is about it really. but trying to get into the groove of posting here again. I tend to keep it up for a bit, then forget once and fail for like a week. Here is to hoping I can keep the trend up for at least a little while!

There must be something else to talk about. hmm…. OH YEAH! Working with Miz Calamity over at TSS more to integrate some GM4A stuff over there. That is really exciting and I am really thankful for the opportunity. I have known for a long time that a big step in getting more people interested in VGIM is to hook up with a video game website that is really open to the cultural side of things to get a lot more people interested in it all. This is exactly that. I’m very lucky to find people so open to the idea! I can’t wait until things move forward there, should be really exciting!


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