Haven’t been here in a while

So yeah, haven’t been here in a while. I mostly blame Stickam for that to be honest. That site is addictive, and the last two days when I tried not to go on it people IM me specifically to tell me to go to the stickam chat. DANG! There’s no escaping from the damn thing.

Oh, for those in the dark, stickam.com is a chat site where you can communicate through text, as well as mic and webcam. It has become the go to place for most of the RT boards, as well as random nerdy stickam regulars who are just basically awesome. Specifically a gal name Chibi Ma who has a huge love of video game music. She totally rocks. I love meeting folks who are so enthusiastic and willing to listen to lots of new tunes. It reinvigorates my love for running GM4A. To tell people about great music. It is worth all the time and effort I put into my site to get just one new person to fall in love with music from folks like Year 200X or Shael Riley or any of the incredible amazing musicians I have gotten to listen to over these past three years.

Speaking of the site though, I ought get back to work. I have a ton of stuff to do still. Articles for The Start Screen mostly, I want to do one about OCR and one about II. i think I will try my hand at the OCR one first for “Support OCR Month” though.

And I’m off!

I will rise to the very most costly occassions, Despite the occassional cost


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